Is there a way to load admob ads in an animation thread like draw()?

@noel === Enabled verbose output both in general and for build;
Pasted the permissions you gave me in the Manifest and checked them in the Sketch Permissions (i couldn’t find the one named ACESS_COARSE_UPDATES though)
The app still crashed.

@noel === wait, where exactly does APDE store the created apk files when you run it in the app mode? Is it only the “build” folder? I noticed that the console said “failed to delete old apk file” after the app crashed this time so i deleted it myself from the “build” folder, for APDE to create a new one. After running it again, the app doesn’t even start anymore and the console still says “failed to delete old apk file”, even though the “build” folder contains 0 apk files. Either APDE didn’t even create an apk this time or there’s some kind of other folder that i don’t know of.
Anyway, just in case, i also exported signed package through the “tools” menu, installed the apk from the “bin” folder, still crashed.

Edit: found it, unchecked “Build on Intermnal Storage” and it got saved in a different place. After i install the app by running APDE in app mode the app crashes and the console stays empty. No errors, nothing.

Only root. /data/data/com.calsignlabs.apde/app_build

The actual apk when exported is located in sketchbook/your_app/bin

@noel ===
@akenaton ===

Ok guys i finally solved it. With AS.
Here’s what i needed to do in order to solve the AS gradle issue:

Thank you both VERY much for your help and your patience!
Sorry for wasting your time trying to solve it with APDE.
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I still want to try this, but I can’t figure out the error I mentioned above. I unzipped the jar, and the java class files are present and in the right folder structure, according to the import. If I remember well(don’t know if this has changed), at the moment only APDE is capable to store the app on the Play Store.

Do you still have the " Only a type can be imported. resolves to a package" error? If so, i can just send you a link to the full folder with the manifest, code, the jar file, etc. The working version.
And i don’t know if you can only store the app with APDE, but i have already personally uploaded my app to google developer console and it looks just fine. In order to do it you just need to export the apk file to your computer and simply drag it to google dev console window.

Yes please…

Ok! I’ll clean it up a bit and send you the link!

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@noel === here you go:

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Hello, you were able to add ads using only APDE?

Can I link to your application in the market?

I will soon need to make an advertisement in my program, and I am looking for instructions on how to do this using only Apde.

could you help me?