Inversely ellipses

Oh boy…

just add other values to x and y

You need to understand the Code

this is my code

void setup(){

for(int i=0; i<300;i=i+30){ellipse(i,i,15,15);


Please look at my first post again what to do with x and y

That’s not working …

Show your code, how can we spot errors otherwise

Understand the idea:

The for loop tells how many ellipses we generate - using variable i

The x and y variable tell the position. You can give them an start value 0 or 35 and then inside the for loop add something to x and to y. Eg 30 for x and 30 for y.

When we add something to them in the for loop x and y store the new value and get bigger each time. So the next Ellipse is further down.

You can also add different values to x and y

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Still not success

What is the difference between (for and while)

I used noise() to generate those ellipses:

float xoff = 0.0;

for (float th = -TAU/20 +TAU/2; th < 3*TAU/2 + TAU/20; th += TAU/500)
  xoff = xoff + .02;
  float r = 40 + 10*noise(xoff);
  point( r*cos(th)+50, r*sin(th)+50);


I could do similar for lines and text to achieve the effect you are looking for,


Post your code and then we can have a look

For and while are similar, see reference

Here the initial x value is 35 or something (like before) but the initial y value is height-35 or something (height is an inbuilt variable telling you the height of your sketch window).

Read the tutorials to understand the x and y values on the screen as I said please.

Now in the for loop you have to add something to x.

But since y is already pretty high, you have to subtract something from y to get the position of the next ellipse.

You forgot to show your code

Did you read the tutorials?

Did you read the reference for the for loop?

Please draw like this


It’s your code.

You fix it.

Nobody will do it for you.

Post your entire code.

insofar i would like to ask what the TITLE should mean?

Inversely ellipses

in my example code
the axis and “row” of circles might fit better to the
very first picture you show us.

I want number bottom to top
And ellipses also proportional
Like this photo

No one can draw like that in processing

Show. Your. Code.


How to write numbers bottom y to top y
And bottom ox to x
And ellipses bottom y, x to top like proportional

Then why they create two similar code??

Did you follow my first post?

I understand you don’t want my help.