Introduction for GSoC 2020 - Internationalization(Korean)

Hello everyone! My name is Minjun Kim. I am a student studying software engineering at École 42 in Paris and I am originally from South Korea. I am very happy to discover GSoC program, and I am looking forward to contribute in internationalization(Korean) of p5.js and its web editor.

I have discovered through Github issue that Sona Lee and other two fellows(Inhwa Yeom and Seonghyeon Kim) from the foundation’s fellowship have already started working on the project. I have commented on the Github and also e-mailed Inhwa in order to know their progress & plan for this project, so that there won’t be any overlaps.

May I know if there are any other people working on this project? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Update for anyone else who was also interested in Korean translation of p5.js website. It turns out that the p5.js website translation in Korean is almost completed by fellowship participants. Would it be okay if I fix the Github project list? It would help avoid the confusion.

I will instead start by translating contributor document into Korean. Just the file for now.

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Yes, that makes sense. Thank you.


Thanks for checking and confirming!

Just FYI, I have communicated and confirmed with Inhwa that the website translation in Korean is done. There are just some few issues merging it. I will be fixing the project list after that.

For the web editor, I have done some translations but I’m unsure about the file structure, thus I have asked some questions to Cassie.

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