In need of help for assignments

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So, you are asking for someone to do your homework for you? If you have a specific question with an example of what you tried, you may find some help otherwise, I suspect (and hope) this thread will go no further.


Hi william3954! Im not looking for someone to do my homework im asking for help. I used the wrong words. if your able to help me that would be amazing. the current project is using “keypressed” which i find really hard to understand the code.

Kind of coincidental that your reply with a nice double post on your part is posted in between multiple posts from a troll account. I hope the mods ban your up address.

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Can you please show the code?

This forum is for helping people learn – so asking for specific advice on how to use keyPressed is fine! You should provide specific questions about what you don’t understand and where you are stuck on a particular problem. Consider renaming the thread something about the problem when you provide more details.

Any help received remains public and visible, so ask for help in ways that are consistent with class policies as if the teacher will read the thread. For example, it is against forum policy to request complete solutions to homework problems. We don’t delete forum threads after substantial answers have been given.

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