I was curious how you embed a processing file in an html file like this link here?

I’m picking up coding again, and starting with processing a language i was introduced to in 2005 in college. I have currently 3 little creative codes and I’m working on a calculator next week. I wanted to showcase my work in a portfolio and would like to know how a working processing application can work in a website?


what’s a p5 container? i inspected the code?

i’m working on opening 25,000 bookstores like craigslist did but didn’t do … i figure i’ll just dally in processing for a year and buy some books and give myself a real luxurious dalliance in code for the year and just casually study like do one creative sketch a day and i reformatted my computer so i’m geeked about it … i need a couple API’s i think to string together and then code my own EPUB format and it gets harder i’m on the easy ish right now … i think i’ll do the website in RUBY ON RAILS so this is good practice … i think … couldn’t not be … i’m just getting my feet wet before i take the plunge … i graduated ENGLISH LITERATURE so i learned all my programming from reading … most of programming seems like reading to me

i just looked at ruby on rails and i’m like um i don’t like a weak presentation maybe i’ll be auditioning languages this year … i’ll keep working with processing but the intelligent choice would be to probably go with java i think if there was a way to get java code generating HTML and CSS and JAVASCRIPT meh i don’t know … i went to a liberal arts college so later i figured a liberal art is something you’re supposed to do a lot of

One way is to use p5.js rather than the original Processing (Java) mode

If you want a hosted solution and to embed a sketch, you can also use openprocessing – which can host processing.js (written in Java-style syntax) or p5.js (in JavaScript style). The example you linked is actually using processing.js – but for the web, p5.js is usually preferred.

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