How to create Android app bundle?

how to create android app bundle?

Hi, @gio93 Do you mean this?

@gio93 === if yes to @noel i am afraid that you need Android studio for that

yes I mean that thank you very much

You don’t actually “need” A-S. This worked for me with Processing 3:

  • From processing do File → Export Android Project
  • Go to the sketchbook/project_name/android directory and do sudo mkdir ./gradle
  • cd to the new gradle directory and do sudo cp -r …/wrapper ./
  • Then back up to the …/android directory and do sudo ./gradlew bundleRelease
  • The bundle should show up here: /sketchbook/project_name/android/app/build/outputs/bundle/release as “app-release.aab”

Although you don’t “need” A-S, I got the hint to change the directory structure by noting how A-S differed from processing.

Another problem in getting a processing sketch to the play store is that google now requires API 30 and will not upload a processing 3 bundle that targets API 29. The workaround for that was to change “29” to “30” in the build.gradle file in the “app” directory just before the bundling suggested above. Note that processing will change it back to “29” given half a chance.

And don’t forget to sign the bundle before trying to upload to the play store.

**Note: the text editor seems to be putting extra dots in the 3rd and 4th bullets above. In bullet 3, it should be DOT DOT SLASH wrapper. In bullet 4 it should be DOT DOT SLASH android **


@pettypace - I greatly appreciate your efforts to elucidate this. I was doing pretty well until I got down to bullet no. 3 and it was time to do the copy of the wrapper. I notice that your post has a stray single quote at the end of the line which likely is a typo. I tried with and without the single quote but neither went through. Without the quote I got the error message shown below. I am doing this on a Mac if that makes any difference.

@pettypace Turns out there is a problem using Terminal on Macs with BigSur OS and you have to do this to avoid ‘operation not permitted’ errors:

Still get an error when trying to build the bundle, but getting closer.

Some information on Bundle Generation and using PDE Android Exported project in Android Studio.