How to add Hindi Font in Processing?

Hi, I’m trying to add Hindi fonts in Processing for typography but it’s not working? Any idea how it can be achieved.
I’m getting the following error:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:! it works!!!
Is there any way in which I can also see what is written on Processing text editor?!
As of now, it is showing junk characters instead of Hindi…

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I dunno how. Just blind-paste a text. :dark_sunglasses:

You might want to consider checking the web editor issues for any existing issue relating to language support.

If there isn’t already a feature request, you should submit one!

Hi Anmol, I am having the same issue. Have you been able to find a solution for this? Also something else that I have noticed is that I am able to copy paste a hindi text and it appears correctly in the default renderer, the P2D renderer does not show them correctly. Junk characters appear in the editor in both cases.

@jeremydouglass should issues regarding the processing text editor be posted on the p5.js web editor github page? I believe the issue still persists and there is another issue regarding the P2D renderer.

Below is how text should appear and it does so in the default renderer.
Screenshot from 2020-07-08 18-44-29

But letters are not interpreted correctly in the P2D and P3D renderer.
Screenshot from 2020-07-08 18-44-48

In both the cases garbage characters appear in the editor window.

I would like to submit an issue regarding this, it would be really helpful if someone could guide me where to do so.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @opheliagame – this is a thread about PDE, the desktop application with a default Java mode. The default renderer is JAVA2D – the P2D and P3D renderers are based on OpenGL. The editor repo is at – if you have an issue with P2D on the desktop, that is where you should go to report it.

p5.js is a completely separate JavaScript library with its own font handling and render, unrelated to the font handling of Java mode and its renderers (such as P2D) – and its JavaScript web editor uses a combination of the library font handling and the built-in font handling of the host web browser. The repo corresponds to the site


Hi Anushka,
Sorry…I was not able to find any solution to this. I always got junk characters when pasting Hindi fonts. Although the default font was shown on the display window. I suppose Processing does not support Hindi fonts.
I guess the issue should be on Github or wherever it can be addressed.

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Thank you for confirming, I will report this issue soon! :slight_smile: