How can I do this homework?

Add a rectangle in which the input is entered. Make 5 buttons with the following text operations: - Clear: clear the text in the textbox - Capitals: put the letters in capitals - Last character: show the last character of the text - Middle character: show the middle character of the text (note: if the number of characters is even, show the 2 middle characters. - Match? : use the function match(text,”DAE”) to check if the word DAE matches the text given in the textbox.

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Hello @add :slightly_smiling_face:

Please read through THE FORUM’S GUIDELINES on how to ask your questions:

Posting your homework question without showing any attempt at breaking down the problem is basically asking us to do your homework for you. And I doubt you want that.

Help us help you by showing us what you know or can do at this point, even if you think it’s wrong. We can then build from that.