GSoC'21 Proposal - Signed AAB Support, JarSigner Replacement, and Website Upgrade

Hi to the community,
I am sharing my initial draft proposal of GSoC’21 for Signed AAB Support, JarSigner Replacement, and Website Upgrade
@kfrajer @sarahlensing @Andres @AdityaRana and all the possible project mentors and maintainers, please review it, and help me to improve more on the proposal.

Proposal Link- ProcessingFoundation_RupeshKumar - Google Docs

It is public to comment on the document.

Thanks and Regards,
Rupesh Kumar

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Hi @Rupesh_Kumar I will review it today !

Thanks for your interest in Processing Foundation projects !

Aditya Rana

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Thanks for the review @AdityaRana I am done with some changes and will do some more ASAP according to the suggestions. The suggestions are really helpful. I will be informing you to review again once I am done with all the improvements you suggested.

As I’m not able to edit the title of this thread again(might be due to the time limit to edit has surpassed), mentioning here that the title of the proposal has been changed to-

Upgrading ‘processing-android’ to the latest Android standards and providing missing features

Another proposal thread - GSoC'21 Second Proposal - High priority improvements and providing missing unit test coverage to the ‘processing-android’