Getting undesirable vertices when importing SVG from illustrator

Hi guys,

i’am having a little problem when importing an svg exported from illustrator.
in illustrator I made sure I had only the necessary vertices like thisZ

but when imported to processing I get this
the code i’am using is as simple as that:

void impor(){
int numChild=SVG.getChildCount();
for (int i=0; i<numChild; i++) {
PShape temp=SVG.getChild(i);
int vCount=temp.getVertexCount();
for(int k=0;k<vCount;k++){
PVector vert=temp.getVertex(k);

I tried using geomerative but I can not get any better results

thanx in advance!

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hi, we know that SVG tool only provide basic concepts,
but in this case it looks like it is working.

and i not think is is making up these points.
so please study the source code of the Z.svg file
and find out ? if illustrator ? created that points
within the “p” path record.

sorry, at the moment i not even have a idea if there can be a filter code to
erase that points, because what i see as tricky is

  • the line crossings? ( that are the points you want )
  • the bend / change direction ( are basic needed points )

-* but the points inside a straight line you not need
( like for plotting… ) but you ?want? them only
if its a cross point.

you could try some vector math with change of direction
and if not skip that point.

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thanx for your answer kII,

but in the next exemple, I kept only very simple shapes and I still have the same problem!

this is the code of the svg I get when exporting from illustrator

<path class="st0" d="M353.3956604,634.3685303v74.276123c-23.5338135,23.5338135-22.2436829,22.2422485-37.1384888,37.137085
<path class="st0" d="M279.1110535,349.9984131v-74.2825928c23.5342102-23.5337982,22.2593994-22.2504578,37.1542358-37.1452789
<path class="st0" d="M353.3800049,529.3249512h-74.2792053c17.5899048-17.5899353,19.9045715-19.8983459,37.1448975-37.1390991

I made sure to have only the needed vertices in illustrator, but I still got some strange points. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong!

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sorry, did you analyze the file? ( in any editor )

do you still imply/think that processing SVG importer
is making that points up?

if illustrator is making that vertex points ( without you click… )
it is not your fault,

if processing SVG importer is dreaming that points bad luck.

you might want to post here:

  • your processing code
  • the svg file as code source ( or external download )
    ( use a very short one only with ONE shape / but having this problem )

using the
</> Preformatted text
button from the edit menu here.

ok, i see the posted SVG now,
are you able to identify that ADD POINTS in that file?

hm, if d= uses m l z ( move line close ) or even h v ( horizontal vertical line ) ok,
but i see

c = curve to

i think that you not want in your source,
possibly that is translated to

or however the importer deals with it.

an other way would be to skip the whole

thing and make some lines in processing
( like here not just line code, as a line drawing editor with SVG export )

code little bit tricky / has too many options /
more see here

or you just test the resulting SVG with your tool:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.0//EN'
<svg xmlns:xlink="" style="fill-opacity:1; color-rendering:auto; color-interpolation:auto; text-rendering:auto; stroke:black; stroke-linecap:square; stroke-miterlimit:10; shape-rendering:auto; stroke-opacity:1; fill:black; stroke-dasharray:none; font-weight:normal; stroke-width:1; font-family:'Dialog'; font-style:normal; stroke-linejoin:miter; font-size:12px; stroke-dashoffset:0; image-rendering:auto;" width="400" height="400" xmlns=""
><!--Generated by the Batik Graphics2D SVG Generator--><defs id="genericDefs"
  ><g style="fill:rgb(0,0,200); stroke-width:2; stroke-linecap:round; stroke:rgb(0,0,200);"
    ><line y2="120" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="100" y1="80"
    ><g style="fill:rgb(0,0,200); stroke-width:2; stroke-linecap:round; stroke:rgb(0,0,200);"
    ><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="140" y1="120"
      /><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="140" x2="180" y1="80"
      /><line y2="160" style="fill:none;" x1="180" x2="100" y1="80"
      /><line y2="200" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="100" y1="160"
      /><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="220" y1="200"
      /><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="220" x2="260" y1="80"
      /><line y2="240" style="fill:none;" x1="260" x2="100" y1="80"
      /><line y2="280" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="100" y1="240"
      /><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="300" y1="280"
      /><line y2="80" style="fill:none;" x1="300" x2="340" y1="80"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="100" y1="80"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="100" x2="140" y1="320"
      /><line y2="120" style="fill:none;" x1="140" x2="340" y1="320"
      /><line y2="160" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="340" y1="120"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="180" y1="160"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="180" x2="220" y1="320"
      /><line y2="200" style="fill:none;" x1="220" x2="340" y1="320"
      /><line y2="240" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="340" y1="200"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="260" y1="240"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="260" x2="300" y1="320"
      /><line y2="280" style="fill:none;" x1="300" x2="340" y1="320"
      /><line y2="320" style="fill:none;" x1="340" x2="340" y1="280"

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this is what I did,I added a line to export my SVG from processing, and the I opened it again in illustrator.
I wrote the same script in illustrator, it only draws an ellipse on every vertex.
the added vertices did not show in illustrator !!!

script on illustrator

in processing

import processing.svg.*;

PShape SVG1;

void setup() {
  size(400, 500);
  beginRecord(SVG, "export.svg");

void draw(){


void impor(){

  int numChild=SVG1.getChildCount();

  for (int i=0; i<numChild; i++) {
    PShape temp=SVG1.getChild(i);
      int vCount=temp.getVertexCount();
      for(int k=0;k<vCount;k++){
        PVector vert=temp.getVertex(k);


maybe there is something different in how both programs handle SVG!!
still stuck …

Seems to me like Illustrator added those extra points. You can tell by examining the triangle part of the SVG, which starts at its right bottom corner:

<path class="st0" d="
	M353.3800049,529.3249512   [ starting point ]
	h-74.2792053 [ move ~74 pixels to the left ]
	c17.5899048-17.5899353, [ make a small curve to halfway the line ]
	19.9045715-19.8983459, [ continue the line straight, to the top point ]
	37.1448975-37.1390991 [ move from the top to the start ] 
	L353.3800049,529.3249512 [ seal it with an absolute value ]

My guess is that you didn’t put in that curve by accident, but that Illustrator added it. Perhaps you can alter the export settings. Otherwise you could tweak the source code of the SVG, but that takes quite some time for complex figures.


yes very much likely.
so you understand that illustrator not make nice files for processing.
( but there might be options in illustrator )

? did you import my above SVG file in processing or illustrator?

but until now you not told us WHY you want to go that way?
and why use SVG
why start from other program? and not draw by processing?
( and import export SVG from there only )
why use the points ( with the circles) where just a line/vertex picture would look much alike.
as just making a jpg can not be the job / reason to use processing at all
( so would be nice to help us to understand the projects background )

well , what I am working at is an moroccan/islamic pattern that have tendency to get complicated,

I can not draw each piece by code, it will take forever to do it.

but I think I figure out where the problem is coming from, processing reconsider the control points of bezier curves as a vertex, I tried with this curve and as you can see, when I ran my sketch it draws ellipses on the control points and the vertices.
in my first exemple, the lines were bezier curves with control points heading the same direction as the lines, so the extra points are just control points.
screenshot fro illustrator :

result from processing

now I have to figure out how to tell processing to ignore the control points!
any ideas ?


I used a script in illustrator to remove all the control points and it is working fine for me now,it is working fine when I am having just straight lines but it will be a problem with curves
this is a result ,

but for future codes I would like to understand how to master the svg importation in processing !
what do you think guys ?

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i like the Octagonal structure, what is the name / math for this?
is it this ?

good, but from the beginning, is there a script in illustrator to make that whole pattern?
or where you get it from?

the patterns are called “zellij” and there is a complex theory behind it. what you see here it is done manually. to start you can visit my behance page:

but you can have similar results using the “Hankin’s pattern”, Daniel Shiffman did a tutorial on islamic star pattern, you can see it here:


I think it is better to close this topic and start a new one with the correct question. thanx for all