Getting a Processing sketch into Zoom as my camera

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Apologies if this has been addressed before, I had a hard time searching effectively for it.

One of my students is writing a sketch to manipulate their (incoming) webcam image, and it’s working great. However, they want to use the image from the processing sketch (i.e. their manipulated webcam image) as their camera image in Zoom.

I think something like OBS could accomplish this by capturing the processing sketch window and then using OBS’ virtual camera, but it also seems like something that should be possible within the Processing sketch itself. Also, I think there’s a syphon library for Processing, so that might be a place to start, but as far as I know syphon servers won’t show up directly in Zoom (I know there’s a syphon virtual webcam that runs as a separate app, but again I’m hoping to accomplish this within the Processing sketch). Is there a library or something that would allow for this kind of “virtual webcam” functionality, or does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?

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I know doing it via OBS is will work.


I have tried to make the OBS Virtual Camera work without success, but I’m on Linux and I hadn’t had the time to jump all the loops etc.

This is a related thread: How to make the computer think Processing is a camera (video capture device)? - #7 by villares


I know Daito did it for Mac/openFrameworks

But yes, zoom in general is so strange that they have their own “security” standard and somehow blocks virtual camera time to time (there used to be a patch a year ago but I’m sure it won’t work anymore because of updates). The most “secure” way may be is to get a cheap hdmi-USB capture and make the program full screen, which I know is not a solution but practically works (with the best possible framerate)

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