Get help with your processing code/sketch for a little fee

Hello, I’ve been using Processing for over 5 years now but i’m new to the forum.
Get your Processing-java Projects done

  • logical programs
  • Desktop Applications
  • games
  • midi controller
  • Sound
  • openCV etc…

Thanks for letting us know. This forum does supports connections between artists / hobbyists / businesses in the community.

NOTE: It is forbidden to buy or sell school work, or to offer to buy or sell it, on this forum.

Violators will be banned. Do not contact sellers requesting that they complete homework assignments. Do not contact students and offer to do their homework.

This includes code used for homework, class projects, exam questions, theses, or dissertations–unless the code is not the point of the work, and the seller is credited. This policy is to prevent cheating and plagiarism.