Export video in real time

ok, put in that header you pasted and put the license.txt at the root, let me know if im still missing something or if youd prefer I can just remove the whole thing, just thought it might be useful to others wanting to sync songs to graphics as it certainly helped me.

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Thank you! And no worries, I share the code so others can use it :slight_smile:

It’s just not great if headers are removed from files, because then people don’t know where code came from (and we have probably all done this at some point). It’s nice to acknowledge that we are all building things on top of code made by other people :slight_smile:

In the future, if someone finds your code but it’s no longer maintained, they might want to see if there’s a newer version of the libraries you used. If there are no headers it’s hard to figure out that they are actually libraries in the first place.


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i am also having trouble with this… i can export the video but the video plays too fast. please can you help?

i can put in my code if that helps…

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