Classes Help Needed

Does anyone know where I can pay someone to just add classes to my pre-existing code?

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Welcome to Processing Foundation Discourse, @BeshooD!

You will benefit much more from this homework assignment if you begin by learning about classes, and then attempting to add the classes yourself. When you need help while doing so, you can post your code here to seek our assistance.

I’ve been trying for the past 2 weeks and am running out of time to submit so just need a quick solution lol

Then you must know what sort of objects your program needs! What classes have you tried to write so far? Is all the logic that deals with one instance of an object in that object’s class’s code?

Can we see what you have so far?

Sure, do I make a separate post with my code?

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my bad guys i’ll be better :frowning:

We will be happy to look at your code and to offer guidance if you post it here.

You can just post it as a response within this discussion.

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Google oop you can learn about classes … tutorial 10 and above explain class in detail

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In processing tutorial section
also article objects

Show your code to get help