🎂 Celebrating Processing 20th Anniversary

Hi everyone :wave:

As you may already know, this year is 20th anniversary of Processing! We think it’s nice to do something as a community towards August when Processing was “born” :hatching_chick: :baby_chick:

Do you have any ideas? One idea we came up with is each of us make a poster or a card and submit them on discourse (here) / OpenProcessing / social media to make a gallery. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them on this thread :memo:


How about creating Merch?

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As an inspiration, for an online event last year, we made a poster together by collecting sketches about “hello world”


Here is the Twitter announcement:


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Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Following up on the poster idea, I’d like to see if anyone who has access to a print facility is up to actually printing them. For example, where I study, I have access to various printers, so I may collect some sketches in the area (Cologne) and print them.

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Not sure if this is an avenue to pursuit, but there is print-on-demand…
For example society6 and many others. It appears they do ship internationally.

I believe, once the account is setup and artwork is uploaded, then the POD company will print and ship the orders. Requiring no further work from the account point person.
Plus I’m pretty sure you can define the scope of which type of posters or prints available to the consumer to order…

I don’t know the scope of this project though. For example if you intend for people to pay for the posters? Or if they are to be giveaways? If they are to be giveaways then well… the POD option wouldn’t work…

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totally. But the reason behind my idea was to do something as local communities (and possibly print them cheap, or make use of some available funding sources :slight_smile: )

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Ah, yes! That sounds good! :relaxed:

I’m a bit slow on this but I have been trying risograph at the school. While this is not made with processing/p5.js…

I’m trying again on Monday. Perhaps I won’t have time to prepare an anniversary “poster” with processing but I’m aware of a library so I might try that to generate patterns. And if anyone wants me to print anything, let me know :slight_smile: if you live close I can send or bring it to you, or I can scan and send it to you to show how it looks like.

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I made some A3 posters with Processing as a gesture of celebration :slight_smile: although they don’t say anything about 20th anniversary :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi folks,
We just announced the Processing 20th Anniversary, which will be celebrated August 20-22.

More details coming soon but please share your ideas on here or Twitter.


Below is a p5.js logo collage, created with p5.js code.

Feel free to use it, or any other rendering of it, in any manner that may be of benefit to the community. For a discussion of how it was created and a copy of the p5.js code, see P5.js logo collage.

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@saberkhan is organizing CCFest this weekend - I’m also giving a workshop on experimental (?) websites. There will be more workshops on Processing/p5.js and creative coding… honestly I feel I will miss out other workshops that happens in parallel :rofl: