Building App Bundles with Processing

I have finished my app with processing, I have exported to apk file and now Google Play says I need a bundle. All tutorials on internet are with Android Studio, but I don’t know how to use this software, and every tutorial says different theings, so is there any way to make it with Processing?

@humano === can you explain better?- If you have an .apk release mode you have a bundle!

Google Play Console says: use Android App Bundle format (or you’ll never upload your app here!) Hate machines :unamused:

@humano ===
that means that you cannot anymore use your .apk for uploading to googlePlay: with AS you generate the App Bundle version directly; with P5 i cannot see how to do that…Perhaps using command line tools and bundletools but i have never tried that till now and it could be a long way to do. Note also that compiling with 28+ is now necessary for uploading…