Arcball Library error

I tried to use the Arcball library

I get the error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:processing.core.PApplet.registerMouseEvent(Ljava/lang/Object;)V

Does this mean a core processing method is missing? Perhaps a core processing method that was part of an earlier version of Processing?

If my guess is wrong, what does this error mean?

See my Arcball gem that I use for my ruby-processing projects PiCrate and propane should be easy to adapt for vanilla processing. See setActive method for how to register Mouse Events since processing-3.

registerMouseEvent() was deprecated on P2 and removed on P3

All such methods were replaced by registerMethod():

Therefore, that library isn’t compatible w/ Processing 3. You’re gonna need Processing 2 or down.

However, given you’ve got access to its source code:

You can simply make the necessary modifications to those method calls within the code.


Thank you both. I am actually trying to make a virtual trackball without using a Library. See Gimbals, quaternions, and manual rotation

I am almost there and just wanted to look at Arcball to see what might be useful.